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Faculty Spotlight on Christel Ligocki, a non-credit Associate Faculty Member

Christel teaches Adapted Physical Education. She has been an awesome instructor at West Valley for almost 20 years.  Last year after having been the chair to the Non-Credit task force, she became an Associate Rep to the Academic Senate. Christel was thrilled to learn that the District recognized non-credit Faculty as part of our bargaining unit and agreed to place them on the faculty salary schedule. Christel said: “Recognizing the Adapted PE program as part of the bargaining unit maintains our integrity and high standards. Moving adapted physical education into non-credit is a tremendous move towards serving the community and disabled population. Many disabled students are financially compromised by their disability or condition. The disabled classes at West Valley provide a safe environment for students, helping them become stronger and better able to navigate the college environment. A big thank you to our union.” Adapted PE used to be part of the PE dept. but the move to non-credit allowed the College to maintain services for the adapted population who had reached maximum repeatability for taking classes.

Christel enjoys staying active.  She likes to garden and hike the many open space preserves in the bay area.